Special Speakers

We are proud to present the SGHR 2007 invited speakers:

Bob Pike

Bob Pike

The Bob Pike Group

Leadership, Attitudes, and Motivation: 11 Ways to Be A Leader People Want to Follow

Benjamin Wang

Benjamin Wang

Chun-Shin Ltd., Representative of Education Testing Service (ETS)

Managing Employee's English Competency, Meeting Challenges of Globalization
David Lee David Lee  
Former President and CEO
China Dopod Communication Corp

Leveraging Leadership to Create High Performing Organizations
Eddie NG Hak-kim, JP Eddie Ng, JP (Justice of Peace)  
International Committee of Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM)

Succession Planning – Success & Failure Cases in Global Enterprises
王鳳奎 Feng-Kwei Wang  
Executive Director
ITRI College

Innovating Workplace Learning: Formalizing Informal Learning
Frank  L  Hung Frank L Hung  
Harvard Management Services, Inc.

Human Capital and Organization Performance
Gary N. McLean Gary N. McLean  
Senior Professor and Executive Director of International HRD Programs
Texas A&M University

Building a Global Learning Organization
Hirohisa Nagai Hirohisa Nagai  
Chair of MBA-International Program
University of Tsukuba, Tokyo

Global Human Resource Development in Organizational Behavior

Nien-Ning Liu Maggie Liu  
Corportae Citizenship Lead and Diversity & Inclusin Lead, Sales Associates Program Lead
Cisco Systems (China) Networking Technology Co., Ltd.

Change Corporate Culture to Create a Sustainable Organization: Cisco's Inclusion & Diversity Efforts

Moje Ramos Aquino Moje Ramos Aquino  
Paradigms & Paradoxes Corporation

Aligning Personal and Organizational Learning for Excellent Results
Peter Siderman Peter Siderman  
Managing Director
Adecco Institute

Finding and Nurturing the Global Corporate Leaders of Tomorrow: What are the Resume Essentials?

Roger Collantes Roger Collantes  
Vice President
Regional Training & Development Director, Citibank Asia Pacific

Building Human Capital for Sustained Global Competitiveness: A Strategic Approach to Learning and Development

S. H. Lee
Visiting Professor, EMBA Programs
Beijing and Taiwan Tsing Hua University

Repositioning Talent Management: From Resources to Capital to Asset

Sheryl Riddle Sheryl Riddle
Senior Vice President, Consulting Services
Development Dimensions International, Inc.

Removing Fear of Leadership Transitional Challenge
Sophia Yeh Sophia Yeh
Strategic Paradigm Consulting Co., Ltd

Aligning the Trend of Globalization, the Wining Strategies of Leadership Development Method
Yijiang Wang Yijiang Wang  
Tsinghua University and University of Minnesota

Human Resource Management in Mainland China
Gino Yang Gino Yang  
360d Human Resources Group

Strategy for Building Value Chain of Human Resources
Andy Cheng Alex Hsu  
General Manager of MGR Taiwan
Pasona Asia Group

Transformation of HR Role in Globalization
Andy Cheng Andy Cheng  
Director, Human Resources
DuPont Taiwan Ltd.

People Development in a Global Company – Processes, Practices & Personal Reflection
Charles Wang Charles Wang  
General Manager
Taiwan Branch of Watson Wyattw

What Works & What Doesn't Work in Talent Retention

Cheng-Kun Cheng Cheng-Kun Cheng  
General Manager
Nian Hong Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd.

Tradition & Innovation: Sustainable Management in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Perry W. Chyau Perry W. Chyau  
International Management Institute

Building Enterprises' Core Competitiveness - Leverage Human Capital to Create Corporate Values
Steven Lee Steven Lee  
McDonald's Corporation Taiwan

How McDonald's leverages its "Forever Young" brand essence to engage with customers while develop talent